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Leave a lasting memory for residents by hiring Noah's Landing Mobile Petting Zoo!

When we arrive to your Nursing Home, we strive to bring the best experience to the residents. We bring all the babies we have at the time to enhance the experience the residents have with the animals. We take the animals around to the residents who cannot come into the zoo, while allowing the residents who do come in to hold as many animals as possible. Our goal is to allow the residents to have an everlasting memory they will talk about for months to come. 

Two By Two We Come To You, bringing Lambs, Goats, Bunnies, an assortment of fancy Chickens, a Little Pig, and more! Please note we may opt not to travel with bunnies if the temperature is above 82 degrees.

We provide the Fencing, and Chairs so your guests can come and sit down with the animals.  We also supply hand sanitizer so once you’re done you can sanitize your hands.

Noah's Landing is USDA Licensed & Insured