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Hire Noah's Landing to create your Nativity Scene for your Church or Organization!  We bring an assortment of animals ranging from Sheep, Cows, Chickens, Goats, a Donkey and More!  We have over 23 years’ experience of creating authentic nativity re-creations that make you feel like you are walking though Bethlehem.

We will provide the fencing to set up around props that your organization may provide to make your Nativity Scene complete! We specialize in living nativity scenes that take you back to the time of Jesus’s birth. The animals set the scene for this beautiful story and allow people to feel like they were really there. Personalize and select which animals you prefer to ensure that you receive the experience you are looking for.

Are you in need of our animals for your Parade Float?  Noah's Landing will come to your desired location and provide the animals to make your Parade Float Nativity Scene be the star of the parade! 

Matthew 1:18-25