In the heart of Daytona Beach lies Noah's Landing, a cherished family-owned mobile petting zoo, which has been delighting both young and old with its incredible array of animals and unforgettable experiences since 2000. 

At Noah's Landing, the passion for animals and the desire to share that love with the community is palpable, as this isn't just a petting zoo – it's a family endeavor that has been nurtured and grown to become a cherished local treasure. One of the hallmarks of Noah's Landing is the hands-on animal experience it provides. Every creature on the farm has been hand-raised, making them not just exhibits but cherished members of the Noah's Landing family. From adorable baby goats to magnificent exotic creatures, each animal has a unique story and personality that guests can discover firsthand.

Noah's Landing goes beyond traditional petting zoos by offering pony rides that are bound to make your child's eyes light up with excitement. The experience of riding a pony is more than just fun; it's a chance for kids to build confidence, connect with animals, and make cherished childhood memories. You may even choose to have a unicorn pony experience.
The team at Noah's Landing understands the power of creating memories. Their dedication to providing an unforgettable experience shines through in every detail, from the meticulously cared-for animals to the knowledgeable and friendly staff who are always ready to answer questions and share fascinating insights about the animals.

Noah's Landing Mobile Petting Zoo is ready to bring the magic directly to you, serving Daytona Beach and surrounding areas up to an hour and a half away. Whether you're in Orlando, Melbourne, Jacksonville, or anywhere in between, Noah's Landing is committed to spreading joy and wonder to families all across Central Florida.

Noah's Landing is more than just a mobile petting zoo – it's a living testament to the love and passion a family can pour into their shared dreams. Are you looking for a unique and educational adventure combining hands-on animal encounters, pony rides, and exotic creatures for your next get-together? Then book Noah's Landing Mobile Petting Zoo for your next event.

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