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Noah's Landing is more than just a petting zoo—it's a haven for animal enthusiasts of all ages. As a family-owned, mobile petting zoo, we pride ourselves on providing a hands-on animal experience you will never forget. Our fully licensed and insured zoo offers pony rides and exotic animal encounters, making every visit memorable.

One of the most exciting aspects of our zoo is the introduction of our newest members. We're thrilled to introduce you to Remington, our lively and affectionate ring-tailed lemur. Remi has quickly become an integral part of our family, spreading love and energy wherever he goes. We are grateful to have him as a member of our troop. In addition to Remington, we've also welcomed adorable Coatimundi babies into our zoo. These sweet babies, three girls, and one boy, are still warming up to Remi and are being raised in our home, just like their lovely parents. As we embark on this new chapter with Remington and the Coatimundi babies, we promise to update you on their progress and adventures at Noah's Landing Petting Zoo.

At Noah's Landing, our commitment to the well-being of our animals ensures that they thrive in a nurturing environment. When you visit our petting zoo, you can rest assured that the animals will create a lifetime memory for you and your family.

We're proud to serve Daytona Beach and all surrounding areas up to an hour and a half away, including Orlando, Melbourne, and Jacksonville. Whether it's a birthday party, school gathering, or corporate function, Noah's Landing Mobile Petting Zoo is guaranteed to add a touch of wonder and excitement.

To book your next event or to experience the magic of our petting zoo firsthand, visit our website at www.noahslandingzoo.com or call us at 386-767-4165. Don't miss out on the opportunity to create lifelong memories with the incredible animals at Noah's Landing.

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