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This month, the animal we are showcasing, is our adorable baby wallaby, Artie. Artie is a 7-month-old Agile Wallaby, and his favorite treats are sweet potatoes, as they are a large part of his everyday diet. He loves neck and belly scratches as well as laying in the grass and sunning himself during the day. He also enjoys hopping around the yard all day and visiting all of the animal neighbors he lives with. He would love to come to your event alone, or with his petting zoo and pony brothers and sisters.

     Agile wallabies are native to Northern Australia, Papa New Guinea, and the Indonesian Province of Papua. They are the most common wallaby over northern Australia. These wallabies are nocturnal and are mainly active at night. They can live up to 14 years in the wild and tend to be more solitary animals. In the wild they eat a variety of grass, roots, stems, leaves, and seeds. A baby wallaby is called a joey and lives in the mother’0s pouch for 11 months. Only female wallabies have pouches. The males can reach up to 85 cm and weigh up to 60 pounds while the females reach 72 cm and weigh up to 33 pounds. aragraph here.